Our vineyards

Our vineyards are located on the surroundings of the city of Gandesa (Terra Alta, Catalonia).

We work 38 hectares, 25 of which head pruned and the rest trellised, of mainly old vines of 55 years old average -we own some ones of 80 years old- planted with native varieties as White and Red Grenache, Macabeo and Carignan and well adapted and international imported as Syrah

100% Organic

In 2019 we obtained the organic certification for all the wines of the winery, reinforcing the philosophy of the project to take the best care of the environment and to let each plant bloom its best expression.

We really look after the process in order to bottle the highest quality of each wine. From grape to glass.


The soil catalog of the Terra Alta Appelation classifies up to 17 different profiles.

Limestone is the most characteristic in our area, as it is a soil defined by a poor organic matter. This weather and soils make Terra Alta an ideal region to elaborate great wines. 

The climate in Terra Alta is Mediterranean with Continental influence. The range of temperatures goes from 10ºC to 14ºC; and long and cold winters and hot summers are very much characteristic here. Rainfall is scarce.  

Furthermore, our climate is strongly influeced by the winds flowing from the North West, Cerç, and South, Garbinada.